Welcome to my digital zen shala.

My mission is to help 100,000 women HEAL from hormonal and emotional de-stress, using a combination of yin yoga, essential oils and cycle syncing.

Anna is one of the deepest and most passionate teachers of her craft and wisdom. Her journey of healing through yoga, yin yoga and essential oils is brilliant alongside how she connects it with NLP, psychology and emotions. Anna's genuine desire to know people and understand them thi help with the right balancing potion is almost magical. Anna and her potions have been a part of my life for the past few years and I can't be more appreciative and grateful. Thank you, Anna!

Luvena Rangel

Annelise is a breath of fresh air. And just like her- her teachings are refreshing for the mind body and soul! Ive felt like a New person after each session, its calming , and gives you perspective, and it becomes like a lifestyle.

Thank you Anna and keep changing lives the way you do!

Nidhi Mutunayagam

One-on-one ONLINE coaching using Yin yoga, NLP and Essential oils for physical, emotional and mental de-stress.

Sign up for 4 75-minute sessions to get a customised sequence to suit your personal needs. Each of your sessions will be recorded,

I will also share with you 2 free video sequences, a yoga nidra.

You will also get a customised essential oil blend.